This section describes how to customize the behavior of GBonds.

Preferences Dialog

To customize GBonds, select the Settings->Preferences menu command. This opens the Preferences Dialog (shown in Figure 13 in the Section called Startup Tab).

This dialog allows you to modify the default behavior of the GBonds application. This dialog consists of the following tabbed pages.

Startup Tab

The Startup page (shown in Figure 13) allows you to select the default startup behavior of GBonds. Options are to start up by opening a new blank inventory, by opening the most recently accessed inventory, or by opening a default inventory. If a default inventory is selected, the location of this file must also be specified in the corresponding file selection entry.

Figure 13. Preferences Dialog / Startup Tab

Redemption Dates Tab

The Redemption Dates page (shown in Figure 14) allows you to select the scope of redemption date choices available in the Redemption Date Entry's dropdown list. Options are to limit the choices to only the latest 12 months for which redemption data exists (the default) or to include all dates for which redemption data exists.

Figure 14. Preferences Dialog / Redemption Dates Tab