Updating Redemption Data

GBonds cannot predict the future. It requires redemption tables which are published by the U.S. Treasury Department every 6 months. GBonds version 2.0 is pre-configured with redemption data for Sep 2000 through Aug 2001. New redemption data can be downloaded and installed either Manually or with the Update Redemption Tables Druid.

Update Redemption Tables Druid

To update redemption data, select the Settings->Update redemption tables menu command. This launches the Update redemption tables druid (illustrated in Figure 15 - Figure 18). This druid automates and guides the process of downloading and installing new redemption data.

Figure 15. Update Druid Start Page

Figure 16. Update Druid Select Download Site Page

Figure 17. Update Druid Downloading Page

Figure 18. Update Druid Finish Page

Manually Updating Redemption Data

New redemption tables can be downloaded from one of the following sites.

Redemption table file names are of the format sbyyyymm.asc where yyyymm is the first year and month of the data in the file. For example, data for March 2001 through August 2001 would be in a file named sb200103.asc. To install a new redemption file, simply download it into the .gbonds/ directory under your home directory. GBonds will automatically find the new data the next time it is started.

NoteFilename of Redemption Table

Do not change the name of the redemption file -- it must have a .asc extension for GBonds to find it.

Example 1. Manually updating redemption data using FTP from command line

    $ ftp ftp.snaught.com
    Name (ftp.snaught.com:jsmith): anonymous
    230 Logged in anonymously.
    ftp>cd gbonds/data
    250 "/gbonds" is new cwd
    ftp>lcd ~/.gbonds
    Local directory now /home1/jsmith/.gbonds
    ftp> get ~/sb200109.asc
    local: sb200109.asc remote: sb200109.asc
    226 Transfer completed.
    35700 bytes received in 0.902 secs (39 Kbytes/sec)
    221 Goodbye.
    $ gbonds